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amino acid supplementsHaving doubts on doing some intense workouts because of its side effects? Afraid of the wear and tear in your body after long hours of training and exercise? Now, stop worrying about those things and start moving your muscles the way you want it because Body fuel­ amino blast is finally in the market!

Body fuel­ amino blast contains all the necessary amino acids that is needed by the body to maintain internal balance and prevent any unwanted effects of too much stress that the body gets when doing work outs.

How Does Body Fuel Amino Blast Works

amino-blast-benefitsBody fuel­ amino blast contains 18 kinds of different amino acids which are required by the body to maintain its normal function. Amino acids are the building blocks or the constituents of proteins. Proteins are responsible for almost all of the biological activities that happen inside and outside the body – from the production and repair of different types of cells in the body to the growth of our hair. However, during rigorous activities like lengthy exercises, proteins are broken down to produce energy that is required during these activities. Click here to check the official site.

Although the body also produces proteins using the amino acids ( available in the body, this is outweighed by the destruction (catabolism) of proteins when doing intensive exercises. This results to slow recovery of the body after exercise, and strain in the muscles and tendons. The body will remain weak for a longer period of time than when doing normal activities.

Fortunately, this kind of problem can be solved through the intake of amino fuel pills and Body fuel­ amino blast is in the forefront of this kind of body supplement! Body fuel­ amino blast is a product of Bauer Nutrition which is a world renowned pharmaceutical company dedicated in creating the finest quality and well researched nutritional products.

Key Benefits of Amino Acid Supplements:

– More Intense Workouts

-Increase the Amino Acids in your Body

-Brain Function Development

-Helps to Lose Weight

-Boost Energy Level

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What Are The Specific Benefits Of Body Fuel­TM Amino Blast?

Body fuel­ amino blast supplement is an amino fuel that doesn’t only make intensive workouts safe and well balanced, but it also significantly improves the amount of time you can do workouts. It increases endurance, supplies more energy, and sharpens the mind so you can stay focused not only during, but also after workout.

Another important benefit of Body fuel­ amino blast is weight loss. Amino acids are scientifically known to aid the conversion of fats into energy. The amino acids; arginine, glutamine and methionine aid the production of somatotropin (STH) which is a fat-burning growth hormone.

Body fuel­ amino blast supplement is also very helpful during recovery time after an exercise, and also after an injury. It greatly reduces the time one recovers from muscle exhaustion and injury by supplying the needed amino acids which will be utilized by cells for repair, production and growth of tissues that are damaged. This greatly helps people whose diet lacks certain amino acids.

The effect of using the Body fuel­ Amino Blast is immediate after its intake!

What Are The Ingredients

Body fuel­ amino blast contains ingredients that are safe and can be found in nature. It is made from whey protein concentrate (lecithin) and gelatin shell. Whey protein concentrate is a by-product of cheese production, and is known to contain low levels of cholesterol and fats. It is also rich in bioactive compounds like proteins and carbohydrates. Body fuel­ amino blast pills are encapsulated with gelatin shell which comes from collagen – an animal by-product.

The amino fuel pill contains 18 amino acids: alanine, aspartic acid, glycine, arginine, cysteine, glutamic acid, histidine, isoleucine, proline, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, serine, tyrosine and valine.

How Do I Use Body fuel­ amino blast?

Take 3-6 amino acid pills 30 minutes before training, immediately after training and before you go to sleep. Do not exceed 18 capsules per day. Drink plenty of liquids while taking these capsules. Do not exceed daily dose recommended, and it is not for use by people under the age of 16. Do not take it also if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What Are the Possible Side Effects

There are only few reports claiming that amino acid consumption produces negative effects in the body. What is known is that excess amino acid in the body enters the oxidative cycle and the site where this process happens is in the kidney. Increased work load in the kidney due to processing of excess amino acid may increase the chance of kidney failure in people who have problems in their kidney. Other side effects of too much amino acid include the loss of nitrogen balance in the body. However, this can be prevented if the consumption of the amino acid pill will not exceed the recommended dosage.

Where to Buy Amino Acid Supplement Amino Blast & Prices

Body fuel­ amino blast supplements cost £29.95 and you can order it from the official website, The website and the company are very reliable. One of the users of the product, Andrew Slack, testified:

“I ordered the product and it arrived the very next day, I guess I was lucky with the timing of my order, but still, I am very impressed.”

You don’t need to worry, your order will arrive on time and the cost of product is cheaper compared to having physiological problems after workout because of lack of amino acid in the body. So don’t hesitate to use the product.

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