How Long Does It Take To See Results From Pilates?

It gets annoying sometimes the way some people can go on and on about how great Pilate exercises are.

But let’s face it, Pilates works! All you need do is stick to a strict schedule and you’ll notice leaner and stronger body in no time.

However, like you, we also were curious to know how long people have to do Pilates before they start seeing results.

With this question in mind, we had a little tête a tête with Olga Tamara, a Director and Pilates instructor.

We also asked other questions like what the disparity between a mat and a reformer is, and if you have to attend Pilates classes for a set amount of time before you start seeing results.

We did receive impressive answers which we’re sure you’ll want to hear. If you’re curious to know the answers, keep reading.

How Many Times Do You Need To Do Pilates To See Results?

There isn’t any magic number of classes to undergo before you start recording successes.

What gives you magic results, however, is the amount of hard work and dedication you put into doing the exercises.

As long as you do the routines with commitment and dedication, you’ll begin to see successes.

This means that irrespective of how often you do Pilates in a week, each session tends to benefit you when you’ve put your best into it.

How Many Pilates Sessions To See Results?

According to Joseph Pilates who founded the Pilates philosophies, you’ll begin to feel some differences after undergoing 10 sessions, start seeing differences after 20 sessions, and own an entirely new body after 30 sessions.

Many Pilates studios have adopted Joseph’s quote as a tool for marketing since it easily syncs with people’s imaginations.

When we think about it, one of the things that make us love Pilates is how it makes us feel. Who wouldn’t feel wonderful when after just 10 sessions of Pilates their body feels so much stronger and aligned?

Add that to the fact that their mind feels so clear and alive, and they won’t want to stop. It gets even more exciting after you’ve completed 20 sessions. It is at this point that you begin to see the shape of your body changing, and notice your muscles becoming defined.

But if you think you’ve seen it all, wait until after about 30 sessions working with a personal instructor on your pilates reformer machine, and notice how you now look, move, feel, and live better. Pilates does not only affect your body, but it also helps your mind and can also improve other areas of your life. Here you can find the best pilates machines for home if you want to do indoor gym.

What Kinds of Changes Can You Expect To Notice From Pilates?

You’ll see many changes and feel many more. If you have a bad shape, expect to notice your shape get better. You’ll have a taller frame but feel less weighty. Pilates can help you feel much stronger, happier, and full of energy. Also, prepare to enjoy better sleep and a more focused mind.

If you stick to your routine and move with discipline, your body will grow uniformly while you experience a better quality of life as you live each day. Remember that Pilates is supposed to help your body, your mind, and even your spirit. Such a holistic experience can only leave you a happier and better person.

Is it Necessary to Have a Private Pilate Instructor Around for Your Pilates Sessions?

This is very important. If you must benefit from Pilates, then must you understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. The problem, however, is that the probability of getting this from a reformer class or gym group is slim.  You need close monitoring and personal attention as a student of Pilates, and your best chance of getting that is from a private instructor.

Mat Pilates vs Reformer

Because people are different, it’s difficult to tell whether mats provide results quicker than reformers or vice versa. However, one sure thing is that irrespective of whether you’re using a mat or a reformer, you tend to notice results quicker when exercising with a private instructor or a very small group. If you do Pilates with larger groups, then chances are that you’re not even being taught real Pilates methods in the first place! And as such, you’ll record very slow results.

So, the smaller the group you’re working with, the better and faster the results.

Can Everyone Do Pilates?

Many people do not consider Pilates until there’s a need to rehab or recover from some ailment. However, Pilates can be just as preventive as it can be curative. It doesn’t matter whether you’re young, vibrant and athletic, or mature, old, and sedentary, Pilates is never not for you. Pilates workouts can be modified for you, depending on your unique factors including age, and activity level.

So, if you’ve not started already, now is the best time to up and change your life with a few sessions of Pilates workouts!


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