How Often Should You Do Pilates?

Do you know what Pilates and other systems of fitness have in common?

Schedule. No exercise can yield good results if there’s no clear-cut roster to follow. In the case of Pilates, three sessions a week is the general unwritten rule.

For the most part, the three times a week schedule will help boost your strength, enhance your endurance level, and aid you to become more flexible.

This notwithstanding, you don’t necessarily have to stick to this schedule as it is merely the minimum.

How Often Should You Do Pilates?

According to the founder of Pilates and other professionals, there is a more ideal and beneficial Pilates timetable— the four times per week schedule. Want to know more about this particular Pilate roster? Come along.

Four Pilates Exercises Per Week

Joseph Pilates, inventor of Pilates, supports practicing his methods a minimum of four times in a single week. He agrees that Pilates exercises will be even more beneficial when they’re done this often. Plus, he was referring to a complete workout which implies a full classical mat or Pilates equipment routine. If you find this hard to achieve, organize another workout plan that can benefit you maximally.

In the view of Elizabeth Larkham who is a Pilates expert, a couple of Pilates equipment lessons a week, plus a steady Pilates mat exercise of about twenty minutes on other days is a great option. You can easily purchase one of the Pilates machines for home use, do your Pilates equipment classes comfortably and start building your body to be strong and enduring.

Home Workouts

Many of the Pilates DVDs out there have routines that are not more than 20 minutes in duration. This means people like you get to enjoy interesting workouts in the comfort of their homes. While some DVDs have only mat exercises in them, a good number also incorporate some workouts that involve smaller Pilates equipment such as Pilates ring and exercise balls.

If you prefer to simply create your home workout routine, make sure to borrow ideas from balanced workout guidelines. Avoid only focusing on a single area of your body.

Adopt a Pilates Schedule That Will Work for You

As much as you’re thinking about getting the best results and getting them fast, don’t forget to factor in your lifestyle. If you can, try to meet the 3 to 4 times per week Pilates workout benchmark. If you, however, can’t make this work, it is better to adopt a less vigorous plan that still works for you rather than doing nothing at all.

Can Pilates Workouts be too much?

As far as the workouts are balanced and so diverse that you won’t get bored, then go ahead and do Pilates workouts every day if you want. Try to change your workout focus and intensity every once in a while. This will not only give your body some time to rest, it’ll also help your mind remain engaged with your body.

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