MI40X Review- The CEP Workout Program (Guide to Build Muscle Fast)

Review of: MI40X CEP Training System

Use for:  Muscle Building Training

​Summary: The MI40X- Cell Expansion Protocol is a new and revolutionary CEP training program created by an ​IFBB professional bodybuilder Ben Pakulski (Mr. Canada 2008) that promises to provide you a better way to gain lean muscles in no time.

With this course Ben is going to reveal the cutting-edge technique to build muscle mass faster with just a 4 minutes of exercise instead of 8 hours in the gym and without any harmful ​bodybuilding supplements or pills.

Key Features of MI40X CEP Training Program

  • CEP Start Training Video
  • CEP Practical Application Guide
  • Nutrition Guide (pdf)
  • Supplement Guide (pdf)
  • FAQ Guide (pdf)
  • Workout Sheets (pdf)
  • 7 Day Primer Phase (pdf)
  • 7 Day Detox Diet (pdf)
  • The Exercise Execution Guide (pdf)
  • The CEP Training Blueprint PDF

Most people spend a lot of time in the gym and working out but their muscle gain is minimal and has not met their expectations.

The reason behind this is very simple: In order for you to make the most of your workout regimen, you need to have the proper knowledge on how to do things the right way.here.

The CEP in MI40-Xteme 2.0 will show you exactly how to immediately double your muscle gains, remodel any “weak” body part, and smash every plateau.

Everyone who goes to the gym and works out constantly wants to gain muscle mass in the shortest possible time, Check this MI40x review below.

MI40X CEP Training Program Review

Ben Pakulski MI40X

About Ben Pakulski​

Benjamin Pakulski is an IFBB professional bodybuilder and the winner of Mr. Canada competition 2008. Ben Pakulski is well-known in the bodybuilding industry with his top credentials and a great reputation to boot.

His resume consists of winning first in the Pro Show – Pro Bodybuilding Weekly and winning second place in the 2013 Arnold Classic.

MI40X is actually a successor of MI40, the very first program that Ben Pakulski introduced in the market.

Due to its predecessor’s success, Pakulski has realized that it was time for him to introduce another one. Building on the success of MI40, the newer version makes use of Cutting-Edge muscle building techniques.

Ben came up the techniques that he shares in this bodybuilding guide by studying about body building for years.

Ben found out that is actually Possible to Gain Weight in a Short time.

He realized that muscles growing not because you overwork them but because you stimulate them. He then went ahead and tested that on himself, and a group of 10 males. All of them were aged between the ages of 20 to 30 years.

The results proved his theory that it is not the main that works to help you burn fat and gain lean muscles.

It is simply a well-coordinated muscles stimulation of the muscles. The stimulation is designed to excite muscle cells rather than tear and wear down your existing muscles.

What Is MI40X - What Can It Do For You?


The Mi40x is a workout program that was created by Ben Pakulski to help persons training to gain lean muscles.

It helps those who want to get pounds of lean muscles every week instead of waiting to gain those same pounds over a period of several months.

​This CEP training program (specially in video & pdf format) does not just help you to gain muscles over a period of weeks. It also helps you to quickly burn fats as fast as you gain your muscles.

What the Mi40x does is give you what movie stars use to get those beautiful and powerful bodies in a span of weeks. As you might have imagined, health professionals guide Movie Stars in their training to gain those perfect bodies fast.

Those cutting-edge techniques that these health professionals keep secret to protect their careers is what Ben discovered and shares in the Mi40x program.

The Mi40x program is a series of CEP training techniques. CEP or Cell Expansion Protocol is a combination of nutrition and workout that is highly effective in bodybuilding.

The program helps you to gain mass muscles that will make heads turn as you walk around in the streets. The goal of this program is to give you the kind of body you see in Greek sculptures.

​You simply use this amazing CEP training to work just 4 minutes each day instead of 8 hours in the gym.

You may ask, what about those people who spend 8 hours working in the gym? Those guys who literary live in the gym. Well, that brute force technique never really gives them an equal measure of muscles gain.

In fact, they simply gain a few ounces muscles every few weeks. Their massive workout fails because they do not know the science behind the hyper-recovery muscle mode.

The phenomenon that triggers massive muscle cell regeneration is what makes CEP training so effective.​

CEP - Cell Expansion Protocol and Training Principle- What is it?

The CEP or Cell Expansion Protocol & Training Principle is the principle that explains muscles how muscles can be tricked to grow bigger.

​It states that for muscles to grow bigger, you need to think of the muscles cells as small balloons. When the balloons increase in size, the whole muscle structure also grows in strength and size.

At the same time, they will also burn more fats in the process. It is a way to kill two birds with one stone.

That can easily happen expert that it will not happen naturally.

Watch this ​Ben Pakulski Training for Biceps

The DNA in our cells prevents that from happening unless certain stresses have been applied onto the cells. The cells will then grow in the manner described to counter the stress that was exerted on them.

The stress creates myo-satellite cells that increase the size of the muscles. The satellite cells help in the repair and support of the regular cells when the workout stress surpasses the regular stress muscle experiences on regular workouts.

The stress does not have to be prolonged; it just has to be felt for a few minutes.

It works the same way that the immune system does to reproduce antibodies. Just a small stimulus of foreign cells is able to create the right cells to fight a similar set of foreign cells.

Once the stimulus is withdrawn, the antibodies will continue to be reproduced for a longer period.

What Makes Mi40x a Better Bodybuilding Program?

MI40x before and after

The Mi40x is better in that it helps you to gain muscle and spend less time in the gym. The program is actually designed to help you spend more time eating the right food than in the gym.

It helps you to gain muscles instead of fats when you eat more. It also helps you to shed fats in the process as your muscles got into hyperactive regeneration mode.

mi40 xtreme 2.0 customer feedback

The Mi40x is an advanced workout protocol that takes just 4 minutes to complete. The program helps you to loss fats faster than you can ever do by starving yourself each day.

The program is about 200% faster than the old methods that people use all the time.

That is so because it is not just a simple lifting and stretching routine. It is a set of exercises that take seconds to complete and done in specific postures.

What that does is that to tricks muscles into thinking that they have encountered a physical strain that needs extra power.

Muscles understand the only way to supply extra power is to increase in numbers. They therefore signal the body's regeneration system to get to work and supply them extra cell regeneration capacity.

The program helps you to stand out from other people. It helps you to achieve the physical growth and confidence of an alpha person.

The kind of person people look at and desire to be like them. We all know of such people, if not in real life, in movies.

These are people whose bodies exude pure health and power. That is the kind of look the Mi40x helps your body to achieve without having to make the gym your second home.

What You Will Gain from MI40X

That means that your daily plans will not change. You will continue to live a normal life and work as you have always done.

However, your muscles, you weight, and your appearance will be different. You will have a lean waist, bigger muscles, a bigger chest, well toned muscles and skin, as well as feel more energetic.

You will no longer feel sluggish. If you are older, you will feel your youthfulness return. If you are still young, you will feel stronger, more active and the glory of admiration from the people around you.

This MI40 2.0 review found that users were able to get what others tried to get and failed in just a matter of weeks.

They lost the fats in the wrong places, and gained muscles in all the places they desired to see muscles growth.

What is more is that they did not get any side effects that are common with people who use illegal gear.

They got their athletic bodies without having to sacrifice their overall health, waste time, or interfere with their work and family time.

How Does Mi40X Work?

Ben Pakulski explains that your muscles cells are like balloons. You need to make the balloons bigger and the whole structure will grow as well.

And how do you do that?

You do it by making sure that your muscles are well stimulated. The mi40x program explains how you do that in just 4 minutes. The muscle gain is in the range of 25% to about 300%. It varies slightly depending on how strictly you follow the program.

The program is not just about lifting weights and eating. It is about how you lift the weights, how long you lift them and what you eat after lifting them.

The rest, nutrition, and timing is just as important as the 4-minute workout. What the CEP training contained in the mi40x program does is simply to make you cell fibres to expand.

The technique tricks your muscles to expand faster than they do naturally. Unlike the traditional raining technique hat totally wears down your muscles so that they can regenerate again, this program just tricks the body's regeneration system.

The muscle cells are hen made to increase in size as well as numbers. All that happens by use of advanced exercises that last just four minutes and are designed to stimulate the body cell regeneration system.

What’s included in the Mi40X Program?

The Mi40x program contains the following: program training guides, answers to important workout questions, and the diets you will need to make the training effective. This is what is contained in the whole package:

  • The complete Mi40 CEP Training.
  • The CEP execution guide and the Training Blue Prints
  • The CEP training video that number five in total
  • Free access credential to CEP Training Library.
  • Recovery exercises demonstrated using video for easy understanding.
  • A training video of every exercise, all by demonstrated by Ben Pakulski.
  • A comprehensive set of video training and instructions meant for beginners, intermediate bodybuilders, and experts.
  • The CEP FAQs user guide.
  • The CEP Supplement user guide.
  • The CEP nutrition user guide.
  • A 7-Day Detox Diet guide.
  • A 7-Day Premier Phase
  • 3 Levels of CEP's workout program.

The CEP library has all the workouts that will help you gain every muscle in the right places of your body. The demo videos are easy to follow and can be done even by beginners. All that is required is for you to follow the workout as Ben Pokulski demonstrates it.

How the Mi40x Program Boosts Your Training and Bodybuilding Session

CEP Practical Application Guide

Practical Applicatoin Guide

​The technicalities that explain how you are going to gain your muscles are explained in this guide.

The guide explains every aspect of the process in a simple way that even a fifth grade kid will understand. It also goes a step further.

The guide explains how to put the CEP training theory into practice. You simply read it and understand what will happen, and how you can make it happen to your body.

This guide is a gem, a pure gem that delivers the results you want to you in silver platter.

Nutrition Guide

Nutrition Guide

Do you have difficulty in figuring the right nutrition hat can help you to gain your physique?

Are you tired of reading article after article that spews nothing but fairy dreams of the perfect diet?

Diets that when you test them have really no effects on the sections of your body that matter?

Well, you can put all that behind you by simply using the Mi40-X Nutrition Guide. The guide simply takes the complicated facts of our body biochemistry and lays out for you in the layman terms.

You will learn that perfect health and perfect nutrition are inseparable.

Supplement Guide

supplements guide

​Training to build your muscles and experience fat loss also makes you the target of the billion dollar supplement industry.

Anytime you try to search for anything that works you end up with products being forced down your throat.

Products that you have no time to research about and prove whether they work or not. After all, you do not have the time to work-out, go to work, spend time with your family, and do a research; all within the time schedule hat is already crowded.

That is where the Ben Pakulski's Supplement Guide comes in. The guide shows you how to work on a budget and still be able to lose your belly fat fast. The guide's recommended supplements have all been tested and proven to work.

FAQ Guide


This guide offers you the answers to questions that you have only been trying to answer with clues.

The questions help you to know what works, what does not, and what is a must for you to successfully get that amazing physique.

The FAQ Guide offers you a quick reference so that you spend less time looking for answers instead of doing what you need to do.

Workout Sheets

workout sheets

Working out in the gym without proper guidance can feel like a log walk in the dark. The workout sheets that come with this guide tell you what to exercise to do, and what that will do to your body.

The workout sheets are simple and easy to understand. It does not matter whether you have been training for years or you started today.

There is a workout sheet tailored for workout of different stages of physical development.

It is not a one workout sheet for all. It is one of the things that make the CEP training so successful in Bodybuilding.

7 Day Primer Phase

7 day primer

The 7 Day Primer Phase is the seed that will germinate and give you that awesome mind-muscle connection that all bodybuilding pros posses. Years of poor weight lifting can have a permanent damage on your ability to get a great physical body.

It will be like someone who has been crippled. Some muscles become stronger than others become they are not receiving the same physical stimulation. The end is a disparate growth of the muscles, in strength and size.

7 Day Detox Diet

7-day detox

This diet is meant to give you more than your daily recommended dietary intake. It gives you what you need t quickly mass your muscles. Every oz of nutrients from the 7 Day Detox Diet will be used during the MI40-z training.

If the body does not use everything that it gets, then you will not be able to see the expected results. You body gain from what you eat. Just like you gain body fats from the junk food you eat.

The diet is best taken for about three weeks before you can start the Mi40-X program. That is because what you have been eating has most likely than not ruined your body's metabolism and ability to properly absorb nutrients.

After that, you can take this detox diet for a week after every four weeks.

Exercise Guide


This guide is simple and shows you how to exercise every part of your body.

You will not have to guess what you have to do to exercise any part of your body.

You will also not need anyone to explain it to you.

The guide has images, video and text that explain everything in a simple language.

The CEP Bodybuilding Blueprint


This blueprint will show you what makes some bodybuilders look like they have been lifting weights, while others look like regular soccer players.

What you want to do as a body builder is pack muscle.

You will learn what scientists know to be fact and what many guys in the gym have been passing off as fact.

Difference between MI40 & MI40X

The MI40 consist of all the basic principles that body builders as well as trainers should know. It explains how the body's muscles functions and how to use exercises to influence the growth of those muscles.

The MI40 explains the following principles to you:

  • You will learn the Tempo you have to keep.
  • They use Tension techniques.
  • It sets the period that you keep your muscles under tension.
  • .You will learn how to execute tension your muscles using masses.

The MI40X use the MI40 as a foundation. It expounds on the lesson that you learned to show you how everything works. It shows how you can develop your body even further.

It shows and proves how the body is capable of expanding to fulfil the desires of those who are using special exercises to train.

It discusses all the new protocols that are used to increase the ability of cells to recover fast and expand in size.

It also shows you how to stimulate the cell division in the muscle to bulk the muscles. It is easy to see that he more cells that your muscle has, the bigger they will grow.

At A Glance The Pros & Cons of MI40X Program​

Just like any other workout programs in the market, MI40X has its fair share of pros and cons.

Lots of customers have already tried out the program and based on their MI40X reviews, they were quite happy with it. However, there are some who were not so pleased.

Here are some of the pros and cons:

The MI40x Benefits:

  • Detailed execution plans and tricks that will improve your health and fitness.
  • The guides were made with beginners in mind.
  • The program can be easily accessed whenever you want and wherever you are since everything can be downloaded online. There is no need for you to have the product shipped and worry about delays or shipment costs.
  • It does not involve artificial and unhealthy methods of growing muscles like taking pills, making it a healthier workout alternative.
  • How to detox first then build muscle that are pure and healthy.
  • 18 weeks of training that leave you looking great and in shape.
  • That training takes place in 6-phases.
  • Its training builds muscle strength, power, and hypertrophy.
  • It pushes you to work harder and smarter to gain maximum muscle size.

The Cons of MI40X C.E.P Program

  • MI40X is not for everyone as it will require immense dedication and discipline.
  • There is a lot that you need to learn when starting out. Pakulski, however, has made sure that everything is well-explained and easy to follow.
  • You need to take the program seriously and do daily workouts. If you only work out casually then this program is not for you.
  • You cannot customize the program based on how you want it to be. Each step needs to be followed carefully.

The Bottom Line

Judging by most MI40X reviews online, the workout program is indeed worth a try. You just have to remember that you need to invest your time and effort to make it work. This program is indeed not for the faint of heart.

It does not require you to spend many hours in the gym each week. It simply uses a scientific approach to clean your body and bulk it with lean muscles.

By following the program precise and you might experience irreversible results.

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