Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike Review

Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike is a great tool for your workout at home. I have used it for a year now, but I have never experienced much difficulty.

With the best features ever available all in one. This bike has more workout programs, 29 in number that you can choose to use compared to other Nautilus models like R614, which has only 22.

​These 29 workout programs include

  • 1 Quick Start
  • 12 Profile
  • 9 Heart Rate
  • 2 Fitness Test
  • 1 Recovery Test
  • 4 Custom

​Nautilus R616 Key Features

It features Bluetooth connectivity to sync your data with Nautilus Connect and My Fitness Pal. Also, it comes with a Dual-Track display with a two high resolution blue backlit LCD monitors thus you can still see your progress activity even if one display spoils.

It is loaded with 25 levels of resistance, an MP3 input port, and USB media charging capabilities. In addition to all these features, your comfort has been enhanced by the inclusion of ventilated back support and padded, contoured seat making it a perfect combination ever designed.

This is unlike the previous versions which lack some features like Bluetooth Connectivity, the number of workout programs, the number of resistance levels and oversized crossbar tubing for added stability.

Display Console Design

A growing trend amongst fitness equipment companies is to integrate smartphone and tablet support into their equipment to enhance functionality and comfort. This is great news if you enjoy watching movies while you workout.

Nautilus has designed the R616 with Dual-Track backlit LCD screens. This means that although one is still blocked by the tablet, you can still keep track of important feedback like time and distance using the lower display.

Data Synchronization

A major upgrade over the Nautilus R614 is the addition of Bluetooth connectivity which gives the ability to sync data wirelessly to some fitness apps. Nautilus Trainer is the company’s app which can be downloaded from the App store.

However, you can also sync your workout data to My Fitness Pal for automatic updates towards achieving your daily fitness goals. Also, you will still have the option to export your results to a USB drive.

Strong Body And Frame

This bike consists of two integrated levers and center support for solid workout platform. It is also designed with strong transport wheels for easy movement from room to room for storage purposes after a hard workout.

Obvious after a hard out you will be so exhausted to push the machine without wheels to a storage place. This machine is therefore designed to suit you even after a workout you will only require less effort to take it back to the store. In addition to these wheels, this machine has oversized crossbar tubing for added stability.

Handlebars, Speakers, And Fan

The 3-speed fan on this bike cools the exerciser more effectively than the fan of other bikes. The handlebars are ergonomically placed to grip heart rate for a relaxed riding position when using a heart rate program.

Also, acoustic chambered speakers are provided for big quality sound during the exercise. You can, therefore, listen to your best music as you enjoy a workout and believe me you will never feel exhausted.

​Adjustable Seat

This bike has a great seat.  The seat is vented back, and it is adjustable to any position of your choice. It has padded contoured seat bottom for an increasingly comfortable ride.

The seat slides along a rail system of aluminum which is suited for easy adjustment and solid locking. Also, this bike has a high speed, high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel that keeps workouts smooth and quiet.

The Pros

  • ​Nautilus R616 ​bike is quiet in operation with no wobbling parts
    This bike is quiet in operation with no wobbling parts
  • ​Bluetooth connectivity enabled for data sharing unlike in R614 model
  • ​More resistance levels, 25 unlike other models
  • ​Oversized Deluxe pedal provide stability
  • ​Easy to assembly

The ​Cons

  • ​The seat in Nautilus R616 is a little Slippery.

​Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum capacity that this bike can comfortably carry without overloading it?

A: This bike is designed to carry up to 300lbs or 136kg. If you are below that, then this bike is meant for you.

Q: What is the overall performance of this bike?

A: According to customers who have purchased and used it for sometimes, there are no complaints. In fact, it has been given over 50% five stars rating at Amazon, an indication of good performance.

​The Bottom Line

It is evident from the above description that this is the best bike so far in the market with numerous features all in one to enhance your comfort as you work out. With the experience I have so far form this workout bike, I can highly recommend it.

Assembling is very easy; everything is spelled out clearly in the assembly manual. At an affordable price below $600, you get this amazing device. You will be surprised how disciplined you get with this machine as you work out.

The bike has the goal tracking functionality enabling you to set and track exercise goals of workout time, distance traveled and calories burned. With this machine, you will enjoy your workout to the fullest, and you will never wish to miss out even for a single day.