Is Pilates Good Exercise for Seniors?

It makes sense to worry about whether Pilates is good for older citizens since the exercises involved require vigorous movements sometimes.

You can put your mind at rest though because Pilates is safe and beneficial for older adults to practice. This fitness method is fast becoming popular among older folks as it continues to evolve.

Pilates exercises can easily be modified to meet the needs of senior citizens which is why they can do it comfortably.

Meanwhile, the methods will still offer the same benefits including muscle toning, increased strength, flexibility, and many more.

Pilate Classes for Older Adults

Though you can start practicing Pilates by following online instructions, books, or videos, we advise that beginners start with a private class or a small group managed by a professional private instructor. You’ll easily find classes for seniors at Pilates studios, senior centers, and gyms.

Even If you can’t find a Pilates class specifically for seniors, the regular classes for beginners are still appropriate.

If the class is small enough, you’ll receive some level of personal attention from the instructor and this will help you a lot.

Try to find a certified instructor who can offer vital guidance or help modify your exercises. This way, you’ll benefit maximally from your workout.

Beginning with a private class will guarantee that you have the instructor all to yourself. The wonderful thing about this is that you stand a better chance of gaining a very good foundation when it comes to Pilates principles and movements.

Because all the instructor’s focus is on you, they can easily assist you in many ways and correct you when you’re doing something wrong.

Reformer or Mat Pilates Classes?

There are only two popular Pilates types: reformer and mat Pilates. A senior citizen can benefit from any one of these two types.

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates cannot be done unless there’s a reformer machine available. Also called Pilates machine, a Pilates reformer is a huge exercising apparatus. It uses springs of varying tensions and body weight to create an opposing force during workouts. If you’re interested in buying a Pilates machine, read stamina aeroPilates reformer reviews to know if they’re worth your money.

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates simply consists of the workouts done on any floor or a mat. This means no special machine is needed for the routines. However, there may be a need for smaller Pilates tools like exercise band or magic circle. The good thing about this type of Pilates is that one can easily practice them even while at home since no huge, expensive equipment is involved.

Special Factors to Consider for Seniors Practicing Pilates

As an older adult, you must receive a go-ahead from your doctor before you begin Pilates workouts. Though there are ways to work around physical limitations when doing Pilates, it is better and safer to understand the risk factors involved before you commence.

You must educate your instructors about your physical limitations before you kickstart your exercising journey.

A common thing about seniors is that they’re no longer as balanced or flexible as they used to be. However, after a while of undergoing the beginner Pilates classes, things will begin to improve. This is why exercise modification is necessary most of the time.

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Depending on your level of strength and balance, an instructor who knows their job will make sure to monitor your activities and ensure you don’t do more than your body can bear.

You’ll be interested to hear that many reformer and mat exercises for senior beginner classes are done either sitting or lying done. This means the chances of you falling and injuring yourself is very slim, if not nonexistent.

Osteoporosis and How it Affects Pilates

Osteoporosis is a major concern for older adults doing Pilates or any other fitness practice. The term refers to the weakening of bone structure that can cause easy bone fracture or breakage in people with the condition.

Seniors, especially those over 65, are advised to do bone density scanning before starting Pilates since they’re very susceptible to it.

Pilates is one of those fitness methods that are recommended to stop osteoporosis from happening.

However, if a senior already has the condition before getting a chance to prevent it, then some serious adjustments have to be done to such a person’s Pilates routines.

Though the person can still practice Pilates, it needs to be under the full supervision of an expert instructor.

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