Stamina 1350 Recumbent Bike Review

When the weather is not favorable to go to the gym, an indoor bike will do you great. You need to get an excellent bike that will help you enjoy cardio workouts without being uncomfortable. A great indoor bike that you can bring home is the Stamina 1350 Recumbent Bike. This bike features a semi-reclined frame which makes it perfect for strengthening the muscles in the hips, buttocks and thighs.

If you want to lose weight by burning more fats and calories, this low-impact exercise bike is all you need. You can train in the most comfortable position for effective and productive workouts. Since the bike is designed with a slightly leaned-back position, you can do your workouts perfectly even when riding on high intensity.

This bike provides quiet workouts search that it will be hard to tell that a person is using the bike if you are in a different room. This gives you the opportunity to engage in various activities search as watching and listening to music as you continue with your workouts.

Stamina 1350 Recumbent Bike Review

Padded Upholstered Vinyl Seat

A comfortable seating position ensures that you enjoy your rides indoors. The seat in this bike is padded so that you will not feel uncomfortable even if you are working out for many hours.

The seat also provides the user with multiple seat positions so you are free to find out the most comfortable position that you can get to make the best out of your workouts.

Easy-To-Read Monitor

Unlike other bikes which come with a monitor that is unclear, this model is designed to help you train with ease and read your workout data without straining your eyes.

The easy to read monitor display workout statistics such as distance, time, speed and the calories with just one button control.

Smooth Magnetic Resistance

Every time that you are on this bike, you are assured of smooth riding. Its adjustable heavy-weighted flywheel resistance combined with the belt drive system provides a smooth ride.

It doesn’t matter the level of resistance that you are training, you will always achieve quiet rides. This implies that you can listen to your best music or catch up with your favorite TV program while still working out.

Low-Impact Cardio

Stationary bikes provide the best low- impact aerobic exercises. With this recumbent bike, you can increase your rate of metabolism without causing any strain on joints.

This gives you the opportunity to achieve your fitness pretty fast. If you are riding for weight loose, you can burn more calories and fats effectively.

Quiet And Stable Rides

This bike is among the most study recumbent on the market that can hold heavy users without breaking down.

You can even train at night because it doesn’t produce much noise that will wake up the kids or neighbors. You can also watch the TV as you workout to keep you motivated during exercises.

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  • Great for low impact aerobic exercises
  • Requires little assembly
  • The seat is padded for comfort
  • It has a large monitor that is easy to read
  • Offers you with adjustable resistance
  • It comes with a warranty


  • The pedals make noise

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this bike a good selection for people who are short?

A: I’m short, and I find the bike very easy to use. I do not have any challenges with the seat of the bike.

Q: Does the bike come with foot straps?

A: No, the bike doesn’t have foot straps. But that doesn’t mean that you will have trouble pedaling. It is a worth product for its price.

Q: Does this workout bike have some preset workout programs?

A: No, the bike doesn’t have preset workout programs. But it provides you with details like speed, time, distance and calories.

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Final Words

Get this bike and begin effective aerobic exercises for your overall body fitness. Remember, when you are doing aerobics, it is always important to ensure that you train in your right intensity. This affordable bike is worth every single cent that you spend, and you will appreciate the quality of workouts offered.Train safely and comfortably with this amazing bike and you will get the best workout results eventually.