What To Wear To Pilates?

Who doesn’t love Pilates? It builds strength, improves balance and boosts agility, little wonder why it’s become so popular in the UK and beyond.

If you’re thinking about starting the practice, you’re probably also wondering what you should wear to your Pilates classes.

Don’t worry because you’re about to find out. This in-depth guide is all about helping you choose to the correct gear and clothing for your Pilates sessions.

What To Wear To Pilates?

Excited to know? Come with us.

Choosing the Right Mat Pilates Clothing

For mat Pilates, the best type of clothes to wear are clothes that fit your form. They don’t have to be skintight. However, they should also not be baggy. Clothes that show your form are best because your trainer needs to see your body alignment during workouts.

You don’t want to wear anything that tends to be revealing. During your sessions, you will likely have to do some moves that require you to bend, lie on your back, raise your feet and others like that. If your clothes are too revealing, it can make you uncomfortable and distract others as well.

Simple Pilates outfits are good. However, this doesn’t mean you always have to wear boring clothes to class. There are tons of different clothes out there that are fun, attractive and in compliance with the dressing guidelines of most studios.

Since you’re a beginner, find out what you like and gradually develop your style.

Choosing the Right Reformer Pilates Clothing

Reformer Pilates clothing is not different from what you should wear to mat Pilates classes. Again, a form-fitting attire is best, even for reformer classes. Apart from the fact that it helps your instructor monitor your form and alignment during a workout, it is also safer especially because you’re working out on a piece of equipment. Reformers have strings that can easily catch your clothes if they’re baggy. Plus, workouts on the machine require you to move swiftly. If your clothes are not form-fitting enough, they may deter you or make your moves slower.

You need grip sock for reformer classes as they provide extra grip. Also, buckles and zippers are not acceptable in Pilates classes. They look cute and all but they often either get caught in something or just make disturbing noises in class. Jewellery and long hair are also welcomed in Pilates reformer sessions. Pack your hair backwards in a secure manner to stop it from disturbing you while you work.

Are Socks Necessary for Pilates?

Some studios make socks compulsory, and many do not allow just any socks. You must find out what kind of socks your studio accept before going to buy a pair. Note that most studios recommend socks that have some grip because they prevent you from slipping. Another thing grip socks do is provide additional balance especially when you’re trying to transition from one position to another. Mat Pilates also require socks sometimes because they can help with maintaining stability. However, you can do without them.

Are Shorts Allowed in Pilates?

Yes, they are. They are quite popular. This is because they allow the trainer to see your alignment as you exercise on the Pilates home pilates machine (check the best home pilates reformer).  Plus, shorts let your body breathe. We advise that you go for the long version of shorts because they tend to be more supportive and comfortable. Also, they have to be tight enough that they don’t ride up your legs whenever you’re doing awkward moves.

What’s the Best Pair of Socks for Pilates?

There are a lot of socks types today and choosing a pair that works for you may not be easy. Notwithstanding, keep in mind that quality supersedes all else. Below are a couple of great socks that you can buy.

  1. Stance

Stance socks are functional and of high quality. The brand even came up with its proprietary fibres just so buyers can get enough support and comfort.

  1. Pointe Studio

Another top-notch grip pair of socks come from Pointe Studio. Apart from offering PVC grips, they also offer a multitude of different colours and style. This way, you can be very comfortable while being your stylish self as well.

What Kind of Bra Can I Buy for Pilates?

While Pilates is not a high-impact exercise, it is crucial that you still get sports bras just to be safe. If you go for a fashionable bra, you may be uncomfortable the whole duration of the class and may not even get as much support as you need. Therefore, consider going for one of these: specific bras for yoga or low-impact sports bra. These bras are very supportive.

Can You Wear the Same Clothing for Yoga and Pilates?

Yoga and Pilates have many similarities, their required outfits being one of them. However, there are still a few differences between yoga outfits and Pilates outfits. One of them is that Pilates clothing is a little bit more fitting than regular yoga clothing. As such, you may have to get different outfits if you’re doing both of these fitness systems. The good news is that attractive attires for both disciplines are not difficult to find.

What Pilates Clothing Can Men Wear?

If you’re a man ready to start practising Pilates, you should choose fitted clothes. Anything from yoga pants to leggings will work fine. Baggy clothes are not ideal. For tops, a t-shirt that fits or cosy hoodie will get the job done.

What Pilates Tools Should I Have?

Once you’re done picking your Pilates outfits, the next thing to worry about is your Pilates gear and tools. Naturally, your studio will give you all you need if you join a Pilates class. However, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have some personal sessions at home. If you choose to do this, there are tools you’ll find handy.

What Are Pilates Studio Equipment?

Studio Pilates equipment includes The Reformer, barrel, the chair and a Cadillac. Note that each one of this equipment may require you to dip deep into your pocket. Do your research thoroughly before buying any. Also, compare several options before deciding.

What is are Pilates Magic Circles?

If you’ve heard people talk about magic circles but don’t understand what they are, today is your lucky day. Magic circles are small rings designed to create resistance and you can incorporate them into your Pilates workouts if you want. Joseph Pilates who invented Pilates created this tool so that people could use it to locate their centre. This tool is often used both at home and in Pilates studios.

Should I Get Exercise Bands and Balls?

Exercise balls aren’t the kind of thing you’ll find in a standard Pilates class. Still, they can be very helpful to those exercising from home. They help to work your core muscles and build your stability. Exercise bands too are very instrumental in building resistance and toning muscles. It’s a good idea to invest in these tools.

Are Mats for Yoga and Mats for Pilates The Same?

Truth be told, they look quite similar. However, those who are experienced with the two mats can tell the difference. The major difference though is that mats for Pilates are thicker than those for yoga. Because Pilates involves workouts like roll-up, there’s a need for a thicker surface that can cushion the back and spine, hence the thicker mat.

Which is The Best Pilates Mat?

You must choose the best mats when you’re trying to buy a new Pilates mat for yourself. Pilates mats are everywhere. The problem, however, is that not every one of them is of good quality. So, we decided to help you out by giving you a list of the most ideal Pilates mats to get.

Manduka Mats

This mat is 4.7mm thick. It is made of a highly supportive PVC material. The mat is very durable and comfortable. After using this mat for a while, it’ll mould itself to fit your body shape. Therefore, don’t be surprised when you find the mat to be more comfortable every time.

Yogibare Mats

This one is an eco-sensitive mat. Having a thickness of 4mm, this mat offers support and grip. Despite being highly functional, the mat is also very fashionable so expect it to turn heads as you use it in class. Also, the mat tends to get stronger as you use it


Now that you know what to look out for in the perfect Pilate outfit, choosing what to wear shouldn’t be a problem. Beware of outfits that look shiny and fashionable on the outside but do not offer that much support and comforts after being worn. However, have as much fun as you want and try to be creative with your outfits. Try not to overdo it though. You can read this comprehensive guide as many times as possible, so you never lose sight of the ideal Pilates outfit to buy.

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